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I UNDERSTAND. It’s normal to be nervous! Anything we do outside our comfort zone can be nerve-racking! I’m still waiting for the client who walks in the door and says, “Let’s do this! I can’t wait to strip down to my skivvies and have you take photos of me!”

You’re probably nervous about a couple of things:

1. Photos/underwear/stranger!
2. Not entirely comfortable with all of your bits!
3. No clue how to pose!
4. Makeup/hair/what’s that going to look like?
5. Photos/underwear/stranger!

I’ve been shooting boudoir for over 25 years and I hear these concerns from just about every client.

1. Photos/underwear/stranger!

I won’t be a stranger for long. When you arrive we will pour you a wine or champagne (or anything else you’d like!) , put on some music you love and just hang out. We’ll chat about just about anything and everything while you’re getting your makeup and hair done. It’s a good hour and a half or so for us to get to know one another. And don't forget you are welcome to come in for a personal consultation with me.

You will probably relax within the first few frames I capture. It will almost feel natural to be posing in your underwear in front of the camera.

2. Body bits - don’t love ’em all!

The relationship we each have with our bodies is perhaps one of our most common struggles as women. First, remember that you are your own worst critic. Be kind to yourself and accept where you are now in your body journey.

Second, talk with me honestly on your client information form and when we meet about anything you are really, truly nervous about body-wise. That helps me think more specifically about the types of poses that will work well for your session.

Third, pick flattering wardrobe options. If you aren’t a fan of your stomach, pick at least a couple of outfits that cover it in some way - a one piece or a corset may be more comfortable for you than all bra and panty sets.

Fourth, you can trust me to find flattering angles. I hope you’ll see yourself in the light that I see you in when I’m photographing your session.

I will guide you through all posing - with attention to details down to toe points and relaxed fingers!

3. How do you pose?

Yes, coming in a close second to the photos/underwear/stranger and body bits concerns….posing. I don’t expect you to have any clue how to pose, honest! To help you get a little more comfortable with the idea, I will send you some helpful tips when I send your reservation confirmation details. On the day of your session I will pose you from start to finish. We will work through a variety of poses that you’ve picked as favorites as well as poses that I know will look amazing on you. I guide everything from where to look to what to do with your hands.

4. Makeup/hair/what?

We’ll talk to you about how much makeup you wear on a daily basis, how comfortable you are with makeup and the look you have in mind. We generally do a smokey eye, a neutral lip and either curls or waves for the hair. How smokey, how neutral and how big the curls…totally up to you!

5. Posing/Underwear/Stranger! and 6. Posing

See above.  You can trust me to guide you through the process and create images you will love. There’s no “right size” or “right age” or “right shape” to “qualify” to be a boudoir client. You are just right and we’ll bring out your beauty!

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Welcome to Photography by Susan White. We are a low volume-high quality photography studio and gallery, in a beautiful new location in Pembroke nestled on over three acres of woodlands, surrounded by a nature preserve. Here we create relaxed, natural portraits both indoors and outdoors.

Our work is available on fine art canvas, or classic lustre finish, all in color or rich warm toned black and white. We pride ourselves on the reputation we've earned in the last thirty years with both our photography AND our customer service. Just ask anyone we've ever worked with.

"Photography by Susan White . . . . . . anything else is just a compromise !"
Susan has earned the degrees of Master of Photography and Certified Professional Photographer awarded by the Professional Photographers of America.
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